Minerals Processing


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With over 30 years in the industry, ProcessBarron has built its reputation on the quality, durability, and reliability of our centrifugal fans and centrifugal fan designs.  

ProcessBarron manufactures and services 1,000 to 7,000 HP centrifugal fans for primary air, forced draft, or induced draft applications.

We specialize in the repair, rebuild, and new fabrication of heavy-duty centrifugal fans for severe industrial applications, including: airfoil fans, forward curved fans, backward curved fans, backward inclined fans, radial blade fans, and radial tip fans.

Expansion joints are designed to handle the expansion stress that occurs with heat-induced expansion in draft systems.

Expansion joints also work to reduce vibration problems associated with ductwork.

ProcessBarron designs, manufactures, assembles, and splices all fabric and metal expansion joints and frames in-house, for a wide variety of applications including ID and FD fans, ductwork, stacks, baghouses, precipitators, and scrubbers.



MVP provides choices that give our customers local warehousing and unlimited access to engineered solutions to the most demanding applications encountered in the Minerals Processing Industry. From our fan and processing equipment suppliers to the most well known names in refractory and high temperature insulation MVP presents engineering and technical help for your most important production requirements.